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i'm sara

Sara motoya cardona is a plastic artist from the city of Medellin Colombia, with a master's degree in audiovisual innovation and interactive environments in Bau Barcelona, master in motion graphics and 3d from Lci Barcelona, Spain.

In his work we observed a conceptual and critical exploration of the approach of sensorium and perception in the contemporary: in the age of postmodernism and virtualization,
it is intrigued by the ways in which the transformation of the theme of contemporary culture requires rethinking the new aesthetic, technical and dynamic perception of space. 

The artist addresses the boundaries between: art, design and technology. Exploring the overlap and dissolution of the real and the virtual, the generation of spaces or realities by the viewer through perception incorporating the arts of the media into the space, questions the possibility of a post-digital aesthetic future in which there are no more non-digital realities. Invite viewers to visualize alternative realities


 ADG Laus/

association of art directors and graphic designers of the fad award in master audiovisual / digital category for metron installation. Barcelona, Spain. 2020


The winner in the digital art category

Young women talent, 2017. Mayor of Medellín, Medellín Colombia

Mention of honor

Special mention to new media mayor of medellín. Departmental hall Francisco Morales, 2017. Medellín Colombia

Exhibitions and projects

festival internacional de la imagen 

Manizales, Colombia 2023



Medellin, Colombia 2022




Bogota, Colombia 2022

Cerrado mapping festival,

Santa Bárbara, Brasil 2022



Core Festival,

May, Brussels, Belgium 2022


Gallery la cometa, March, Bogota, Colombia 2022


Fem art Caladona

November, Barcelona, Spain 2020. 


Concierto de balcon

Museo Pedro Nel Gomez, October, Medellin, Colombia  2020. 


Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc - Barcelona

November ,Barcelona Spain 2019. 

Protopixel artistic residence
Protopixel company, Barcelona, Spain.2019


Brazilian audiovisual festival Final work exhibition of Master “Metron”

September ,Barcelona Spain 2019. 



Fiu2019, Gallery caixaforum  2019, Barcelona Spain.

TOC 2 ME. Axiomas

Gallery Hotel TOC, August   2019,  Barcelona España

Sonar +D Final work exhibition of Master “Metron”

June Barcelona Spain 2019


Visual art for pianist HISAKO HISEKI

Mataro, Spain marzo 2019

By  Human, Wearables

Festival Mutekes  2019, Barcelona España.

TOC 2 ME. project Omisiones

Gallery Hotel TOC  2019, Barcelona España.


Collective exhibition at the Salon of emerging Antioquia artists

Alberto Hugo gallery of fine art 2018, Medellín Colombia.


Exhibition of three drawings from the project We are the one

Illustration fair, Fair the Faire, June 2018, London, United Kingdom.


Visual and mapping projection at the Piano festival university of Antioquia

Theater Camilo Torres, University of Antioquia. The opening of the season 2018, Medellín Colombia.


Exhibition of the drawing project: We are the one.

Tal cual Art gallery,  June 2018. Medellín, Colombia

Sala Ana Guerrero, House of culture, November 2017.  Caldas, Colombia


Collective exhibition at Tumultuarios

Chamber of Commerce Medellin, July 2017. Medellín Colombia


Collective exhibition at the V engraving salon

Museo el castillo Medellin, January 2017. Medellín Colombia


Drawing exhibition at XXXIX festival Iberoamericano EDITA.

sabaneta Antioquia January 2017. Medellín Colombia


Art in progress

cultural center these days, 2016. Medellín Colombia



gallery paul bardwell center colombo americano medellín, 2016. Medellín Colombia.



Máster  Motion Graphics Design  2019/2020

SEEWAY: Higher School of Design, Animation, Digital Communication and Photography. Barcelona, spain.

Master in audiovisual innovation and interactive environments 2018/2019

Bau, Design College of Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.


Bachelor of fine arts 2013/2017

University Foundation Fine Arts. Medellín Colombia.


Training on Theory, curatorship and artistic practices from the global 2017

Bolívar University of Fine Arts and Sciences Cartagena Colombia.



motion, animation and art director , Medellin, Colombia.2023



motion, animation, Medellin, Colombia.2021


motion, animation, Medellin, Colombia.2021


Tigre lab

Tigrelab practice, Barcelona, Spain.2019


Content creator and creative direction piñastudio: people of publicity. Barcelona Spain (2019) 


Casa de la cultura Caldas Antioquia.

Professor of digital illustration and design, Curatorship and heritage research room Ana guerrero holes. House of the culture of Caldas Antioquia.Colombia (2017/2018)


Freelance for different projects and markets in which it stands out mainly: musicians, fashion and gastronomy in the cities of Barcelona and Medellin. In the creation of audiovisual content in which I have participated in the development of: photography, video, art direction, illustration, motion graphics, design and creation of audio visual instalations and esenographies.

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