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portraits through space

" Where reality becomes simple images, simple images become reality. "


The society of the show, Guy Debord.

portraits through space

Throughout history, man has sought to portray himself, in search of capturing his essence and leaving a legacy for immortality. the idea of ​​the portrait; its semiotics and techniques have evolved historically, going through multiple techniques and connotations both symbolic and conceptual. capturing in this way the different ways in which the individual is perceived in different periods of time.


From the above the question arises for the creation of the portrait beyond the photographic image, beyond the perception of reflection and mimesis. I wonder how to interpret the different layers that a single subject addresses and its relationship with space.

space portraits; It is a project in which I investigate the formalization of the portrait in contemporary times and its symbolic connotations in the identity of the connected and virtualized subject. Addressing questions such as; What is the search for individual identity? What is the perception of the subject with space? And how to portray what is hidden in the “perfect” world of selfie and social networks?


Starting from the idea that technology itself is: a catalyst for new perceptions and identities. I intend to use it as; Catalyst and convergence point of the new interpretations and translations of the image, metaphorically and literally I seek to transform, manipulate, build and reconstruct the image using different software and hardware interfaces in order to encode and decode the image or representation and the idea of ​​subject portrayed.


As a result, a process is obtained in which the image passes: from the drawing to the code by means of gray or saturation scales, from the code to the three-dimensionality leaving coordinates with it and as a result we see an object or three-dimensional drawing, a space in itself that It comes from the code. and simulates a mountainous space, layers that make up space and image; Metaphorically revealing the new ways of understanding the nature and the cyber world of which we are part today, and how the different interpretations are given in it, since according to the scale, lighting or angle we manage to observe a portrait or a geography.

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