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Master's final project in collaboration with: Luis Silva and Flor Salatino

Captura de pantalla 2019-07-03 a la(s) 1


It is an audiovisual installation that starts from the exploration of the concepts of: limit, border, intersection, energy and their perception in space.


The idea of ​​delimiting or delimiting the space between: black and white, fast or slow, simple or complex goes far beyond duality or simplicity enters A or B; in a general way, bypassing detailed details of great complexity that occur in this transition and by looking more closely. It is these details where we stop to observe, we question the very idea of ​​border or limit in space, and we seek to explore the infinite movements that occur between two points and the opposing dualities such as: simple, complex, black or white, fast Slow, flat, space, among others.


"The more time progresses, the more it decomposes matter into actions that walk through space, into movements that run here and there, the movement is made up of reality itself breaking every spatial frontier. "


We create an instrument composed of different media and layers (space, movement, light, and sound); Exploring a series of oscillations and choreographies that start from the metronome, based on the obviousness of its movement to define and delimit the space between points A and B. We exhibit the limits, the dualities and the borders, generated by the oscillations of the pendulum movement; but as time goes by we increase the scale and move from unity to the whole. creating a complex system that begins to disrupt the limits imposed by joining the own limitations of each unit. Leaving the individual movement for the whole, the duality for the multiplicity of organisms that make up the space. The system is not isolated, it intervenes in space; With the passing of time we reveal the different layers and means that make it up and how they are affected by the same movement between A and B. Action, Reaction, which break with the uniform and linear movement of the system.


"The movement is reality itself"



we see in this way that the simplicity of unity becomes complex with the scale; creating a series of movements and organisms that go far beyond the individual. Likewise, the ideas of boundary and boundary in space become relative to the perception of the observer, because when we stop to think about what lies between the initial points we see a simultaneous set, continuous present, continuous movement, or indivisibility of the system that It evolves along with the energy that drives it.


With this work we leave in question the perception of the concept; boundary and border and we invite the observer to stop a little more in the details, to see how complex the movement between two points can be.

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